Fall 2021 SET Exercise October 9 '21

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Date(s) - 10/09/2021
09:00 - 12:00


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September 3, 2021
Hello All,

I will be out of town this Wednesday, so we will not have our normally scheduled Zoom call, on September 8.

I have been preparing for us to have a local Fall Simulated Emergency Test, which is normally scheduled on the first Saturday in October each year. This year, that would be Saturday, Oct 9. We will start at 0900, and it runs for about three hours.

Last Spring for the SET, we used some WinLink, along with voice, to communicate within our County.

Normally in the early hours of a deployment, or if you don't have the right equipment available at a field location, voice radio must be used to get the message through.

For this exercise, our objective will be to have someone open an Activation and Resource Net on the Mt Bachelor Repeater, starting at 0900. Participants will be able to operate from their home stations or from their mobile stations.

Stations will be asked to submit an availability message, originate and send one ICS-213 message, and to receive one ICS-213 message, using voice only.

I have attached an ICS-213 simple text message, formatted as it would be sent over voice, or CW. I have also attached an ICS-213 PDF form which you could copy and use to type up the message as it comes in if you wish. It is easier to copy things in the right format if you at least have a blank ICS-213 in front of you.

There also is a blank ICS-214, which will be important to keep track of what you received or sent - from whom, and at what time.

I also have attached a Coast Guard Radiotelephone manual, which has useful information regarding message handling by voice.

The most difficult thing with all of this will be sending a message at a slow enough rate so someone else can write it or type it! The best thing is to read two or three words, pause for a second, and then continue. The letter X is used to indicate a new sentence.

Believe me, it is much easier to send (and receive) a message if it is sent at a slow enough rate. It's faster to go slower! Make a short pause in your transmission every 60 seconds or so, in case someone needs to break-in.

So, very back to basics for this exercise, but it is a skill we need to have. (This will also help you to gain a new appreciation for WinLink!)

I will be hosting an informal Zoom Call on Wednesday, Sep 29, at 1900, for those of you who would like to find out more or have questions. We could even practice for a few minutes on the call. The Zoom info is in my email to you dated September 3, 2021.

These are basic skills that you will need, hopefully as a backup method, if you want to be a useful ARES/Auxcomm member when we are needed most! Email or call me with questions - hope to hear you on October 2 at 0900!

Thanks and 73,

Dave Parker WB7WHG
Emergency Coordinator
Deschutes County ARES/Auxcomm
608-515-3466 Cell
[email protected]
Bend, Oregon

Deschutes County ACS
63055 N Highway 97
Bend, Oregon 97701