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Deschutes County ARES/Auxcomm

 for ham radio operators in Central Oregon


Mission Statement

The Deschutes County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES)/ Auxcomm Unit is part of the Oregon Emergency Services System and the American Radio Relay League (ARRL). It consists of Volunteer FCC licensed Amateurs trained in the National Incident Command System (ICS) as Auxiliary Radio Operators.  The Unit is under the direction of the Deschutes County Sheriff Emergency Manager and functions within the National Incident Management System. (NIMS)

Our purpose is to provide Emergency Communication and support within Central Oregon to our Served Agencies and between the County and the Oregon State Agencies, and as Directed by the Governing Authorities.

Oregon Deschutes County ARES/Auxcomm exists to provide a viable first response to local or regional communications systems outages or overloads.

The following situations represent actual deployment or responsibilities undertaken by the Unit in recent history:

    • Assist in configuration, deployment and maintenance of local emergency radio equipment.
    • Assist in public safety awareness fairs (showing equipment in use) alongside the Red Cross, Fire, Search and Rescue, etc.
    • Assist in moving, establishing, and operating communication equipment for Search and Rescue operations.
    • Assist in communication needs for various Races, Relays, etc. for the Central Oregon Area 
    • Strengthen local communication manpower for flooding and fire events.


The following situations represent deployments that the Unit wants to be prepared for:

    • Search and Rescue events in neighboring counties that require communication networking across different communication frequency infrastructures.
    • Disruption of landline services at the local hospital or local area level. Communication of emergency resource needs would be communicated outside the Central Oregon area. Extensive use of digital communications may be required.
    • Location of disruptive radio signals causing poor radio communication for public agencies on FCC channel bands. “Fox Hunt”.
    • Participation in Oregon State ARES “SETS” and other communication preparedness practices structured and reviewed at the State level.
    • Deployment of unit members in a major fire event.
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