Subject: June 2021 Membership Meeting Outline
From: Dave Parker <[email protected]>
Date: 6/16/2021, 17:29
To: WB7WHG - Dave <[email protected]>


June 2021 Membership Meeting Outline from June 9

Here is what we discussed at our last Zoom Call, along with a few new items:

1. We still have a few openings for the Oregon 24/12 Bike Event on Jul 10-11. Please contact Mike N7GND at [email protected] if you can help out or have any questions.

2. We also have openings for the Oregon 100 Bike Event, on July 17. We need more people for this event, and have several operating positions that we need to fill, including Net Control morning and afternoon shifts, and aid station communicators. Please contact Dave WB7WHG if you can help out or have any questions.

The Oregon Mudslinger Events organizer is a major supporter of Deschutes County ARES/Auxcomm, so we'd appreciate your help! We'll work with you if you

3. A few of our members participated in AUXCOMM-related activities last week:
- Mike N7GND completed a 3-day virtual AUXCOMM Course put on by the State of Oregon. This class is designed for amateur radio operators who volunteer to provide backup radio communications support to public safety agencies, using Amateur Radio - or Government Radios.

- A few of our ARES members participated in an Auxcomm Interoperable Communications Exercise, held at the Deschutes County Fairgrounds, last Thursday and Friday. This was the first event of this type held here in the last several years. They welcomed us as ARES members, and would like us to return, next time. The members who participated this time are: Dave WB7WHG, Buzz KB7FD, Dave KC7BD, Stan AD7HO, Don WB0DVS, Tim KN4JQH, and Phill KF7SJK. A brochure from the COMEX is attached.

- Let me know if you are interested in progressing to an AUXCOMM/ARES level of training. Some on-line coursework and in-person sessions would be involved. Also, let me know if you would like to participate in a future AUXCOMM training exercise - they are held during the work week generally, Monday-Friday.

- DC-ARES/Auxcomm has different levels of participation, realizing that some of our members may have more time available than others. Contact me if you have questions.

TNX & 73,