High Cascades 100 Bike Event - 2020 ARES Comm Support

By Buzz Dean on 07/27/2020

Saturday (July 18th) Deschutes ARES/Auxcomm provided Communications Support for the Cascades 100 off-road bicycle race (https://www.mudslingerevents.com/high-cascades-100) in the Deschutes National Forest. This year a smaller group of 160 riders participated in the difficult off-road event. The organizers of the race followed strict Covid-19 guidelines, and these extended to all riders and volunteers. DC-ARES provided communications support to assist with keeping track of riders and their progress, and to assist with coordinating medical response.

There were four ham radio locations along the route. Net Control was located at the finish line, and operated from 6AM till 7PM, in a remote part of the forest. Because of the remote location, we were unable to operate from our Communications Trailer, so a pair of canopy tents were transported in to use as operating positions. Two portable antenna masts provided reliable communications for the event.

Since there were so few riders net control radio traffic was very manageable. There were no injuries. The organizers hired Adventure Medics out of Bend to deal with injuries.  Adventure Medics (https://www.advmedics.com/) provided medical support at different points along the route,

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